Via gaming, Adelaide server no, I get between ms if a lot of people 12ms. Even though your upstream is within, it is still quite high and it could be an indication that your TAP plug in the pit outside your premises is corroded and needs to be replaced. And if so, is it set to duplex auto or 1GB full duplex in the properties page? Not Cable, I know, so slightly OT. I’m hoping they just forgot to put me on ultimate Log in to the mybigpond and see what plan you are on. New connection here wondering why it took me so long to switch to cable.

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Although I am told and read one motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem get up tojodem my upload is crap compared to other results on here. I just got Telstra Cable a week ago, get this speed even in peak hour. Are you saying that after the ‘test’ the entire cable network will be put to Mbps?

After midnight melb and my speed still the same. Very happy with the speeds: Speedboost is the current name for Ultimate.

Follow the guide that suits the unit. Always been happy since I switched over Best motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem Iv got so far is 8ms a few times and always get great download speeds. Try my wireless settings to see if help you improve your speeds. Got Cable installed yesterday, loving the speeds. Hey guys, a bit OT, but since most people posting in this thread would have the answer, thought I’d ask.

Only announced this week! It must be something on the HFC cable side of things. Where in VIC and what modem? I don’t think I could ask for more than motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem I’d much rather a 1Tb plan before they bump up the upload speeds.

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City and County of Denver – Colorado

You might be interested in my wireless settings. New user to speed boost! Adelaide-SA server ms Adelaide gaming servers ms Sydney gaming servers.

When Syrfboard start the speed test from my phone the upload speed jumps to mbps then goes back down to jumping around from 2. Maybe it might help you fix your network issues.

City and County of Denver – Colorado

Enter the new start frequency and restart the cable modem for it to take effect. Hey guys, when I previously tested my speed on speedtest. Post us your modem stats so we can take it from there. Dissatisfied to say the least!

It’s a bummer too cause Motoropa really liked my router, but I can’t use it now knowing this: A friend of mine just got Ultimate, but is only getting around motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem. Am I being told I’ve got Mbps and I don’t? Here is a ping test to ade1. Get the technician to deal with them and make sure he doesn’t leave until it has been finally fixed.

Also re download manager, could someone recommend what they use I think Luca posted a screenshot from one mldem again a link so I could try that? If it’s functioning well, leave it at this time.

After 2 months of no Ultimate cable service provisioned, i receive a phonecall from Telstra saying its now configured at Ultimate Mbps. Is this during the day also? Just got motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem cable setup an surfblard ago, uwb what im getting: Can someone more cluey on the subject take a look at my modem stats and tell me if everything looks right for my Ultimate Plan setup.

If you have the Netgear CGD-2 unit, follow this guide below to get frequency.

Sometimes I get mbit and sometimes it skyrockets to Mbit.