I long battled with one of my friends, who, being lame in technology, always spoke for Sony. The real solution is to locate which gear in the camera is sticking and resolve that issue. Tim Sun, 02 May Now power on the cam and wait for the cassette noises Oh by the way, this is how our ‘battery instrument’ looked like.

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Error message clears and the camcorder works as good as new. Worked great, take out battery, hold power on for 15 sec. Surprised that Sony have not come sony dcr-hc96 this site to explain possible causes and possible sony dcr-hc96. For dcr-nc96, this operation I created is like you reset the computer PC when windows stop working well.

Was sony dcr-hc96 if someone with a HDR-HC3 would not mind looking inside their unit and see where this piece might have come from. I’ve been getting the C: This is why the internet is such a valuable resource. I wonder what I can do the tell the camera not sony dcr-hc96 push the tray out as far as it does.

James Mon, 18 Apr They sold me on Zeiss lenses. My new problem is I cannot close the sony dcr-hc96 compartment with tape in it.

None of the other methods worked for me. I tried to wack it a few times too and nothing. Sony dcr-hc96 think I have sont solution that may fix most of your problems. I dcr-yc96 an hdr-hc3 and found the reset sony dcr-hc96. Pete Mon, 08 Mar Reset for 15 secs. Turn camera to off setting. Mike Mon, 26 May The banging the crap out of the bottom of it and plugging the power back in worked for me too.

I just can’t believe this. Seems this thread is sort of the number sony dcr-hc96 market place for C.

Sony Camcorder Batteries & Digital Camera Batteries

Anyways, I hope this was a one time thing. Please guys, if you know anything else help is greatly needed!!! Sony dcr-hc96 Fri, 18 Dec At the moment I would say that my dcr-uc96 is half solved, cuz I can use it but not in the way I am supposed to. I know this isn’t how it works, but something got put back where it belongs.

Sony wants over bucks to fix sony dcr-hc96.

So, I pulled up on the tape and carrier and heard a similar click. I had this same problem with the cassette carriage not wanting to retract. All Sony dcr-hc96 had to do was remove the battery, then hook up the power cord and re-insert the battery. I figured another workaround to get a new tape in: Thankyou sony dcr-hc96 all who posted solutions, in particular the posts re battery sony dcr-hc96 the motor.

Moral of the story is that you may need to give it a sony dcr-hc96 good whack. Tried banging, connecting, re-connecting battery nothing works. And you do not need to take apart the case, just tape the tpe tray shut, then feed the wire down in there and after a while you should get it to connect and the tray will go down. This will allow it to accept a tape, but do I want a tape in there?

The sony dcr-hc96 will now allow you to close the carrier, but it would not move downward into the camera, sony dcr-hc96 you cannot sony dcr-hc96 the door. HI I am technician fro greece the solution for problem c: Now the new tape is inside and hopefully it will work tomorrow. The youtube video showing moving the gear helps contacts to be remade – but may not remain reliable.

The top of the tape tray should now pop open when it extends fully from the camera. Then finally, I think when I had it in on with no battery but with power cord in, the cassette stayed closed.

Thank you sony dcr-hc96 Dave and Constantine, I feel some hope in that I can get the cassette to close and run it up and down, but the camera won’t seem to “reset”. Any suggestions sony dcr-hc96 appreciated. sony dcr-hc96

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A flash light bulb should be used to test the battery supply. Colin Fri, 11 Sep If it does not, disconnect all power, move the tape tray “in” 1 mm more, then push reset and again insert the camera battery. I then tried resetting the camera with the battery still in and the camera turned off and when I turned it back on all I got was the bloody C: I did not give up so easily sony dcr-hc96. I also depressed the “reset” button found underneath the LCD display for good measure Luke Sun, 24 May Refer ccr-hc96 Constantine’s article from December 8th, and Dave’s sony dcr-hc96 November 30th, Hi sony dcr-hc96, thanks for all these tips to get the sony working again.

Constantine Fri, 11 Feb I refuse to sony dcr-hc96 another Sony camcorder or Sony anything.

This sony dcr-hc96 for me– Alright it seems in my case you have to pull the battery out with the power off.