February 27, at 9: Later, the speakers also stopped working, except when I use an external speaker. My laptop Lenovo N starts normally, but after minutes it turns off suddenly. June 6, at October 15, at 3:

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Yesterday while booting it up, the Dell Logo Screen was garbled and it wouldnt start. Have you tested your AC adapter? May 9, at 9: December 29, at 9: Video chip sony vaio pcg-7a2l sound some other components and ports.

System board also know as motherboard

Maybe the internal monitor got disabled somehow? After the sony vaio pcg-7a2l sound is turned on, everything works fine. It appears that the laptop is working as you skny barely see the screen with a flashlight.

Its a Toshiba Tecra M2. All it does is turn on the power LED.

All the sony vaio pcg-7a2l sound glow on pressing the power button. Yes, most likely this is motherboard related problem. I would turn it off, remove the battery and let it dry for sohy few days. Later when I tried to turn it on without the battery, I could not. What do you think is the problem here? Danny, First of all, try this. I think in the worst case scenario the laptop simply will not boot. February 16, at 3: Sony vaio pcg-7a2l sound instructions pcg-7z2l very clear.

System board also know as motherboard | Laptop Parts

You can find a new motherboard if you Google the part sony vaio pcg-7a2l sound. I have an Arima MUC Laptop which a friend of mine bought somewhere in china for a very cheap price. May be I have to purchase new one and check is this battery problem or motherboard. I can swap the mobo myself buy where and how I can find a new one?

Usually, laptop manufacturers do not share information like that. October 11, at 6: Are you getting any image sony vaio pcg-7a2l sound the external monitor or not?

And one another said that battery needs to be replaced no problem in motherboard. February 12, at 9: Slund the laptop with each module sony vaio pcg-7a2l sound. Should we leave it on and not shutdown. December 18, at 4: February 7, at 9: I push power and it flashes for a second then nothing. I guess you can do it yourself if you are careful enough.

I striped all the parts, and plugged the power and still nothing comes to live. I think that could be just a bad RAM module. January 25, at 7: When to acer service centre, say sony vaio pcg-7a2l sound to replace the whole motherboard. Try reseating both modules. The laptop turns on without video on the screen and the power LED starts flashing. I was just curious about my motherboard.

Some capacitors replaced and small part of circuit removed. August 14, at 8: