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Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing 1.25 Apk + Mod + Data

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing 1.25 Apk + Mod + Data Posted on October 2, 2018Leave a comment

Dominate your criminal opponents in extreme races.

Reach impossible speeds by synchronizing gear changes and nitro gusts.

Guide 69 cars, defeat 20 criminal gentlemen and become the largest fish in the city.

  • Choose from 69 cars: rides, dragsters and police vehicles
  • Unleash your creativity with a number of customization and optimization options
  • Guide in 5 neighborhoods, each with its own theme and its own gang
  • An aircraft carrier inspired by real life
  • Arcade game mode epic
  • Adrenaline leads to most police research
  • Incredible 3D HD images

Top Speed ​​sets the new standard in the genre of racing acceleration. Have you ever wanted to participate in clandestine competitions against unpredictable mobs of mafia? Guide the luxury cars and show everyone who the boss is? Jump straight on the wheel and get ready to catch your breath as you press this nitro button.

In Maximum Speed, you can adjust and modify the guide as desired. Increase engine power, improve your equipment and nitro, repaint your car, apply decals if necessary. All of this will have a decisive impact on the realistic driving simulation. When you unlock elite dragsters, you can also get the most hardcore visual mods from the black market. All the products of the crime nation are at your disposal: make sure you use them in the race.

Choose any car from an amazing selection of 69 routes: you can drive classic cars, new modal war machines and even national police vehicles from 5 different countries.

Nothing will prevent you from burning the gum in the streets. All races descend from the grid, away from traffic, so you can go crazy with tiredness, plow the asphalt and run without limits.

Challenge adversity as a mafia outsider and make your way to the top. At each step, you will face each of the 20 masters who keep the city in their embrace. The asphalt of the city will become a battlefield and no limit will be imposed: let ambition and adrenaline guide you in this race. You are the best new runner in these streets, but your opponents still do not know it. How about showing them leaving them in the smoke of tiredness after having dropped the nitro? Little children, do not try it at home!

Drag the race in 5 beautiful neighborhoods of the city. From quaint suburbs to bustling Downtown to high-life, your need for sightseeing will be met. Guide to the glory and adrenaline in the neighborhood of Little Asia, a fusion between China and the Western world. Reach incredible speeds on the scenic road. As a professional arcade racer, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to show off your course in a pleasant and realistic environment.

Your skills will be tested, so get ready for the most intense arcade racing game of 2015! Download now for free.

Light, set, run!


  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited fuel
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited resources
  • Premium unlocked


Runners reach impossible speeds thanks to expert timing and lightning strikes in this brand new final update that offers you a number of bug fixes and performance improvements!

Try the Top Speed ​​MULTIPLAYER mode and compete against other players from around the world! Are you ready? Light, departure, travel

Configuration: original

“APK” install it on your device.

Enter the game

Configuration: mod

“APK” install it on your device.

Copy “Com.tbegames.and.top_speed_racing” folder “android / obb” into.

Enter the game

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